A sailor may strike a topmast, but he'll never
strike a cook if the meals are cooked on a Shipmate.
Always on deck, fair weather or foul. 1906

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Classic fisherman’s cast iron wood or coal boat stove.
  • Classic fisherman's cast iron wood or coal boat stove.
  • Intended for boats between 20' and 45'. Could also be used as supplemental space heating on larger boats… cabins, pilothouses or salons.
  • Stainless steel sea rail standard.
  • Two cast iron 7" stove plates.
Approx. heat output of 9,000- 28,000BTU's depending on fuel type and air intake/damper setting.

Width: 17 3/4"
Depth: 13 3/4"
Height: 13 1/2"
Weight: 45 lbs.

4" Flue pipe required

Optional bronze trim package
Optional custom porcelain colors available
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Skippy Dimensions Skippy Dimensions Skippy Dimensions Skippy Dimensions
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Price: $955.00 - $2,195.00
Porcelain Color:
Trim Upgrade:

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