A sailor may strike a topmast, but he'll never
strike a cook if the meals are cooked on a Shipmate.
Always on deck, fair weather or foul. 1906

The ShipMate Stove
Company Inc.

Box 52
Bedminster, Pa. 18910

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Shipmate Galley Custom Heat Shields

Our talented sheet metal craftsman Nate can fabricate custom built stainless steel insulated heat shields for your boat or yacht's Shipmate Stove. We like working sheet metal as an occasional change of pace from working with all that cast iron. Very reasonable pricing and we welcome the challenge.

Custom Bronze and Brass Castings and Pattern Work

Shipmate Stove's pattern maker Warren has over 25 years experience with custom bronze and brass marine castings and foundry work. Marine hardware can be sand cast or investment cast in various types of bronze and brass to your exact specifications or we can work with you to develop a design for your specific application. Just drop us a line and let's discuss your project.
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