'As flat down as jib down-hawl!' was supposed to be the maximum of
proneness on a windjammer. But there was no flatness, down-hauled
brows or jibbing at a meal cooked on a Shipmate. 1908

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Shipmate Stoves have been reliably and admirably serving those who go to sea for nearly 150 years.
First launched by Issac Wardwell and George Waring of the Stamford Foundry of Stamford Connecticut in the mid 1800's, the first Shipmate Stoves were stout cast iron stoves of all sizes that found use on every imaginable type of boat or ship. From Grand Banks Fishing boats to Private Yachts and Warships, The ubiquitous Shipmates' legendary reliability and craftsmanship became the shipboard stoves that all others were judged by.
Issac WardwellIn the early part of the twentieth century, the ownership of the Shipmate Stove name changed hands and a few of the Shipmate stove models went on to be offered by The Marine Manufacturing Company of New Brunswick, New Jersey. During the 1930's, Diesel, alcohol and oil stoves had became the focus of the shipboard stove industry as the age of sail gave up some ground to power boaters but Shipmate solid fuel stoves remained in demand by those not quite sold on the new stove technology. Eventually, Shipmate changed ownership once again and this time were made under the watch of the Richmond Ring Company of Souderton, Pennsylvania. Elegantly simple and easy to operate stainless steel models joined the traditional cast iron Skippy and larger solid fuel Shipmates and the reputation for reliability that had started over a hundred years earlier continued to grow, Various fuel options came and went. Between the 1940's and 1970's Shipmate models were offered that operated on alcohol, kerosene/diesel and eventually propane but the popularity of the traditional cast iron Solid fuel stoves hung on well into the nineteen eighties as classic and wooden boat owners held fast to their traditions and desire for a easy and efficient to use solid fuel boat heater or stove...
As the 21st century approached, the boating industry nearly ground to a halt as the luxury tax of the early nineties left boat builders and boat equipment makers struggling to stay afloat. Eventually Shipmate joined the ranks of names like Pearson, O'Day and Bristol on the growing list of boat and boat equipment makers that despite a large base of buyers loyal to their brands couldn't make enough sales to keep their doors open. The Shipmate Division of the Richmond Ring Company was to be no more.
Shipmate Stoves then entered a dark time in their long history. Shipmate was not alone though. Other reputable boat stove companies like the Washington Stove Works and Lunenburg Foundry either got out of the boat stove business or went out of business all together. With no new cast iron boat stoves being offered, an incredible demand for older used Shipmate grew and grew. That brings us to our chapter of the Shipmate story...
Stamford Foundry 1900In 2003 I had been looking for a traditional solid fuel boat stove for as part of the restoration of my 1926 Double ended Alaskan Salmon Troller when I came across an old Shipmate knock off called a Household Marine Stove. It was basically a Shipmate Model 211 but made by a competitor in the early part of the 1900's. I restored the stove and placed it on my boat and over the next few years would receive compliment after compliment from fellow boaters as they came onboard my boat. Their praise for the little stove and what it represented along with my growing affection for it's wonderful dry warmth and history and tradition set me on a quest to offer once again, a line of traditional cast iron and stainless steel boat stoves. Ironically, the old Richmond Ring Co. Shipmates had last been made a mere 5 miles from my home and before you could say Skippy, I was in talks with local old time pattern makers, foundries and machine shops while at the same time amassing a gargantuan collection of old shipboard stoves for both research and my growing desire to know more. After 6 years of learning and much hard work, we were finally ready to offer Shipmate Stoves once again.
The future is very exciting for Shipmate Stoves. In addition to the Model 211 and Skippy, we offer copper and stainless steel smoke hoods, bronze deck irons and shipboard stove accessories. Our Shellback deck iron is the first of its kind for its combined adjustability to accommodate various deck cambers and it's heat dissipating features. Two new stoves are also in the works and one, The Shipmate Mariner, we hope to offer in the fall of 2010. This stove is a modified version of an old Shipmate wood stove design but directed at the residential user as well as boat owners who want a slightly larger boat wood stove than is currently available. We will also be offering two models of folding boat sinks in 2010 as well.
Our goal at The Shipmate Stove Co. Inc. is simple. It is to offer the quality and reliability that people have come to rely on from Shipmate Stoves throughout the name's long distinguished life at sea and have some fun at the same time. Respecting that history and our responsibility to preserve and enhance it have been paramount to us from day one and shall continue to be a priority as long as we are stewards of these great boat stoves and their great name... Shipmate
Each Shipmate Stove is made entirely and proudly by hand here in the US. Typical delivery times for non-porcelain stoves and smoke hoods are 4-6 weeks, porcelain stoves may take 8-12 weeks. We truly look forward to working with you on your boat stove.
Warmly & Respectfully,
Sean Tracy
President & Chief Tender of the Fire
Shipmate Stove Company Inc.
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