'Three handled serving-malletts' and 'four posters' were sailors' terms for three &
four mast ships. The 'hell-box' was the old time sea-cook's pet name for his stove. The Shipmate has lived through these eras and is afloat nowadays in greater numbers than ever. It's the sailorman's range - the old reliable, in fair weather or foul. 1922

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Shipmate Old Drawing

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Maritime Museums and Organizations
Boat Brokerages/Boats for Sale
Pacific Boat Brokers  (Lots of great old Pacific Northwest fishboats and workboats for sale)
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Boat Repair and Shipwrights
Sam Devlin Designs  Stitch and Glue with the occasional work boat twist. Great range of designs
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Lower Hadlock Shipwrights  Honest, reliable, skilled full service Shipwrights in Port Townsend Wa. with extremely reasonable rates. Well rounded in both pleasure and commercial boat repair with award winning fishboat conversions
Boat Equipment and Chandleries
Jamestown Distributers  Great for boatbuilding supplies.
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